Dhunicorn Business Funding Solution: The Gateway of Unlimited Funding
Need new funding to achieve various company objectives?
Considering raising money from various funds and sources?
What are the best options available to your company?

Dhunicorn business funding solution is the best option for any type of company in the world. Continuous funding is not only the most important resource for business growth and various projects but also ensures business continuity and survival. It’s essential and smart for companies to get ready access to various types and sources of funding.

Dhunicorn business funding

We are the experts to bring you the most trusted Business Funding Solutions to help your company achieve continuous growth and success. After thoroughly understanding your business funding needs, we connect you with those targeted investors who are the best for your business and financial goals. We meticulously research, compare the deals and find you the best possible option among the investors.

With our thorough knowledge and in-depth experience in this field as well as strong working relationships with the investors, we can get you the best offers with the most favourable terms and competitive rates.

We coordinate and support you throughout your business funding process. Because we are well-familiar with the investors’ approval criteria, we can offer you personalized assistance in preparing a clear and convincing pitching deck, that incorporates all your business information the investors expect to know before approving the fund. We advise and guide you in avoiding those mistakes that may cause the rejection of your business fund application.

We are available to our clients, any time they want to reach us, to answer their queries, give status updates, as well as address their concerns. We process very fast to ensure our clients get their business funds on time. Above all, we protect our client’s information and ensure it is kept very confidential. We assist companies who are seeking the following funding rounds:

  • Seed
  • Angel round
  • Series A
  • Series B
  • Series C and beyond
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • IPO
  • Post-IPO
  • Private Placement
  • Other funding

Why Dhunicorn business funding?

We have a comprehensive network and collaboration with more than 78,000 public listed companies, investment funds, private equity funds, venture capitalists, angel investors, business incubators, government agencies, various funds, and investors, around the world.

  • We carry out thorough research and match you with the best-suited investors.
  • We get you the best deals with the most favourable terms and competitive interest rates.
  • We help you in pitching successfully.
  • We help you in avoiding mistakes that may cause the rejection of your business fund application.
  • Our team of experienced financial advisors and specialists offers advice and guidance throughout your business funding process.
  • We are well-experienced in working with start-up companies.
  • We provide our service to businesses of all sizes.
  • We deliver the convenience of hassle-free, fast processing.
  • We cater to most industries, including high-risk industries.
  • Our professional yet friendly customer service is quick and reliable.
  • We protect your information and ensure its confidentiality.
  • We provide transparent and trustworthy service.

Three types of funding packages

We offer you the best business solutions most business owners aspire to. Our comprehensive solutions are Basic, Advanced, and Premium packages that cover every business need and in different stages of your business.

Of course, the business functions of every company are different. Hence, financing options needs vary depending on your size, industry, and other aspects. Before you contact us for business funding solutions, be sure to take the following steps:

  • Consider the stage of your business
  • Determine how quickly you need funding
  • Estimate your projected finances 
  • Evaluate your business’s current finances
  • Weigh your business funding options

Basic package features

  • Inform, promote and connect your funding needs to more than 78,000 reliable investment funds, angel investors, venture capitalists, public listed companies and other investors worldwide.
  • Assist to identify suitable investors for your business requirements and needs.
  • Connect you to interested funding prospects for meeting and discussion.

Advanced package features

  • Inform, promote, and connect your funding needs to more than 78,000 reliable investment funds, angel investors, venture capitalists, public listed companies, and other investors worldwide.
  • Assist to identify suitable investors for your business requirements and needs.
  • Connect you to interested funding prospects for meeting and discussion.
  • Assist in carefully studying, analysing and understanding your proposal.
  • Facilitate a strong application by giving you constructive recommendations to modify and enhance the content of your application to make it the right fit for the investors.

Premium package features

  • Inform, promote, and connect your funding needs to more than 78,000 reliable investment funds, angel investors, venture capitalists, public listed companies, and other investors worldwide.
  • Assist to identify suitable investors for your business requirements and needs.
  • Connect you to interested funding prospects for meeting and discussion.
  • Assist in carefully studying, analyzing, and understanding your proposal.
  • Review and evaluate your business objectives, sales & marketing strategies, operation & management, financial standing, and growth forecasts.
  • Assist to formulate a marketable business plan, targeting the investor’s perspective.
  • Build an impressive and impactful pitch deck.
  • Attend some crucial meetings (virtual) together, guiding and helping you through every step of the funding process to successfully secure the funding.


Funds are an indispensable part of every commercial entity. As a business owner, you need proper funds to ensure the smooth operations of your company. Especially for start-ups, having sufficient funding is the most important initial step. Dhunicorn hereby recommends you various funding solutions to avoid any hassle.  Through our long-term funding support, you will access and find out some great funding opportunities that suit your organization and funding goal.

For further information on business funding solutions, please contact us at https://dhumall.com/businessfundingsolution/packages/

E-mail Marketing Strategy for Business Success

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches—at scale.” – David Newman

Email marketing supports marketers send information to clients for various purposes. It is the practice of highlighting various aspects of products and services of the by sending multiple messages. With newsletters, special offer messages, and instructional emails, email marketers reach clients to track information about how many times clients open a particular email and which links they click on more. Using such data can help marketers create marketing strategies to boost sales and promote the brand.

Apart from the marketing techniques of social media marketing, SEO, and affiliate marketing, email marketing is also considered one of the most effective marketing strategies. Email marketing is not only sending your message and brand name to many audiences as possible but also expressing your brand values to many as clients possible. It is the right informative approach to connecting clients with values and messages through strategic communication.

Creating an email marketing campaign is an excellent approach to sending messages to a specific audience. The key goal of an email marketing campaign is to promote the elements of the brand along with the qualities or benefits of a product or a service. Through this detailed article on email marketing, companies can learn various techniques from reaching the target audience with the support of an email list to optimizing emails in favour of mobile phones.

Goal Setting

Every business needs to have a clear goal. Goal setting can help companies measure the results of email marketing campaigns. For promoting brands or increasing sales, without setting marketing goals, all the efforts may go directionless. By reaching the target goals, a brand may achieve its marketing objectives. Your goals may either be for a niche audience or a general audience, but they should fit with your business and audience. Set an effective goal before launching a campaign.

An email list targeting an audience

If we want to run a successful email marketing campaign, we need an email list with the most effective email addresses that are authentically acquired. You need to focus on some essential approaches by which you can collect emails for email marketing.

Discovering the right target audience is the most important step in email marketing. Whenever executing email marketing, identify who your customers are since you can modify the elements of your services or products according to their exact needs.

Once a company understands the target audience, it can promote the brand based on customers, create a logo, colours, fonts, and tone of voice according to their needs, and make products and services for the right people.

The Quality of Content

Email marketing mainly depends on the quality of content we send to customers. The content without any quality elements will go unnoticed. For making the quality of content, two things are very important, the best subject lines and email messages.

Best Subject Lines

When it comes to email marketing, subject lines also play a major role. The subject line should be catchy and relevant to your message. Simply put, it should make your subject lines stand out in the crowd. According to various studies, most emails that have thought-provoking subject lines are opened by recipients.

Best Email Messages

No matter what kind of message we send, we are bound to send some good messages for effective email marketing. It’s good to keep subscribers with quality email newsletters that talk about recent milestones of our company. In email marketing, marketers have to focus on the quality of the content.

Avoiding Spam Filters

Avoiding spam filters is the most important aspect of email marketing. Sometimes when we send emails to our subscribers or non-subscribers, emails go to the spam folder.  If we are not aware of avoiding, our marketing efforts may become worthless. There are various technologies and techniques to avoid spam filters. There are some of the best approaches that avoid our emails going to the spam folder. You may use any of the approaches at the same time for a better result.

Optimizing for Mobile

Nowadays most consumers use smartphones all over the world. Mobile phones dominate every business sector and people from all walks of life. As a whole, without the support of mobile phones, the modern lifestyle will not be interesting and functional. If we create and send emails in favour of Smartphone users, several readers can read it at the same time.

Monitoring Results

By monitoring every email marketing campaign, marketers can get statistics on how they can execute better campaigns in the future. A comprehensive post-campaign analysis provides us with result-oriented information about the marketing campaign we conducted. Measuring the results of email marketing will continually develop our understanding of the target market and audience, content and themes, our products or services, and the latest industry trends. The following are the most important metrics which can support companies to analyse the success of email marketing.

Click-through rate

The click-through rate may be lower than the open rate. However, this metrics how well the email marketing campaign worked. CTR shows the number of people who clicked on various links in emails sent.

Open rate                            

It is the first and basic step to understanding how well email subscribers are receiving messages. This method tracks the number of people who opened emails sent.

Conversion rate

With conversion rates, you can get insights into your return on investment. If email marketers know the cost and the number of subscribers who are converting, they can get a clear picture of how profitable this email marketing is.

Bounce rate

By measuring bounce rates against open rates, email markers will get a concrete idea of the quality of email lists they have. If they have a high percentage of bounce rates, the list may be full of fake or old, or misspelled email addresses.



Across the globe, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing approaches. It is used by thousands of businesses from all sectors. There are several benefits that marketers can gain from email marketing.

If we want to reach the audience of the world, email marketing is the only platform that lets us instantly send a message to thousands of global customers from all walks of life. With the support of social media, we can spread the message to a global audience. However, by sending emails, we can know who we send to.

The most important benefit of email marketing is that every business can use this marketing strategy at a lower cost because we can send thousands of emails at a time.