Public Companies Prosperity Boost (PCPB)

PCPB is powerfully designed to serve 40,000 public listed companies around the world to achieve BREAKTHROUGH, GROWTH, and PROSPERITY. It’s the most comprehensive service that interconnects 40,000 public listed companies and many other large and medium size private companies globally.

With result-oriented services and better business strategies, PCPB helps company to grow stronger, increase sales, perform better, solve problems, improve market capitalization and market value and many more prosperity.

PLCGC is a platform for public listed companies and entrepreneurs to be connected and grow together. With PLCGC, you will be able to connect to international network of 40,000 public listed companies and successful entrepreneurs.

Public Listed Companies Global Center (PLCGC) is the most valuable busines network for public listed companies to expand their business ability to find new partners, for advice & support, problem-solving & growth, gaining insights & viewing things in a different perspective. With PLCGC, one would be able to stay connected to international network of public companies from around the world to improve business relationships, to scale business to new heights and to build a sustainable business.

Private Companies Prosperity Boost (PVCPB)

PVCPB is a comprehensive business solution that’s powerfully designed to serve medium and large private companies around the world to achieve BREAKTHROUGH, GROWTH, and PROSPERITY. It supports our clients through access to various business solutions, markets, opportunities, platforms, networks, resources, people, connections, programs, and strategies. PVCPB helps to achieve multi-perspective and multi-facet improvements in your organization through 9 core components and 33 subcomponents of PVCPB.

Small Businesses Prosperity Boost (SBPB)

SBPB is a comprehensive business solution that’s powerfully designed to serve small businesses around the world to achieve BREAKTHROUGH, GROWTH, and PROSPERITY. It supports our clients through access to various business solutions, markets, opportunities, platforms, networks, resources, people, connections, programs, and strategies. SBPB helps to achieve multi-perspective and multi-facet improvements in your organization through 7 components and 21 subcomponents of SBPB.

Foreign Investment Boost Partnership Program (FIBPP)

We facilitate and promote trade and investment opportunities to drive the rapid growth of the world economy.

FIBPP supports government agencies, trade, and investment bodies to attract and promote foreign investment opportunities for strengthening the economy of countries to the 40,000 public listed companies and hundreds of thousands of private companies through our integrated marketing strategies and platforms.

International Business Excellence Network (IBEN) is an online & offline platform for businesses to be connected and grow together. With IBEN, you will be able to connect to local, national and international network from time to time.

iSuperLearner is an online learning system to build the learning organization. Thousands of world-class courses presented in an interesting manner to ensure employees take continuous learning as an essential path towards continuous improvement and growth. More than 3000 videos and quizzes to enhance employees’ performance, knowledge and skills.

DhuMall is a global marketplace for companies and entrepreneurs to shop for various great products, services, and opportunities available in more than 200 countries and territories. DhuMall is uniquely providing its customers with everything available and in many instances, they are distinctive and one-of-a-kind, for example, powerful business solutions, e-learning courses, professional services, accounting services, legal services, company secretarial services, advertising services, hospitality services, freelancing, business outsourcing, business opportunities, franchising opportunities, strategic business partnership opportunities, direct selling opportunities, distributorship opportunities, manufacturers agent opportunities, companies representatives opportunities, money-making referral programs, wholesale supplies of various products, and etc. DhuMall is positioning as a global marketplace for companies and entrepreneurs to snapping up great bargains and opportunities. The easiest and least expensive point of sales entry for any aspiring companies to offer their products and services. The best-integrated platforms for business growth, opportunities, and many more.

Global Business Opportunities Center (GBOC)

Global Business Opportunities Center (GBOC) is offering business opportunities in a variety of different industries decorous and appropriate for companies and entrepreneurs globally. GBOC is a melting pot of all businesses, providing opportunities for entrepreneurs with long-run returns, companies to prosper, thriving community and society sustainability to full-spectrum flourishing and profitability.

GBOC is partnering with entrepreneurs and companies:

  • Showcasing merchandizing products, services, and opportunities aimed at revitalizing the productivity and performance of the business.
  • Bringing innovation to the marketplace, which facilitates business growth.
  • Designing creative workplaces and build practices that help to improve people’s lives and do untold good for society.

Get your products promoted through B2B global marketplace to increase reach of your products. Apart from gold membership, we will also run marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your ads page.

iHotBiz is an international business opportunity portal that help companies to find strategic business partners, foreign or domestic distributors, joint venture parties, licensees, master franchisees, and other partners for companies’ ventures.

A platform for interaction with public companies globally, where companies can post enquiries, share information and ideas in 3 different private forum groups. They are public companies forum, private large and medium-size companies forum, and small enterprise forum. Apart from posting in the group forums, companies can also send private message to other members.

Global Sales Network (GSN)

Global Sales Network, GSN is an exciting global sales solution proudly presented by Dhunicorn for companies that have great products and services. This is a powerful strategic sales platform for large companies and great SME around the world to tap into global market fast. GSN delivers great value & results to companies with great products to grow globally through the vast business resources, networks & platforms of Dhunicorn. It is the best strategic sales partnership program to help companies to tap into global market with affordable investment. Come join us! Start your exciting global business journey with Dhunicorn today!

D.H.Unicorn Discovery

In the world of D.H.Unicorn Discovery,

  • Discover the future Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Alibaba, Zoom, Tencent, Tesla, Google, Baidu, Facebook and other billion dollar companies during their infancy and early stages,
  • Identify investment opportunities and
  • Invest in future Unicorns, Decacorn and Hectocorn.


Explore your business opportunities in any 1 country from these 5 continents: Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America, and South America. With our network of hundreds of Dhunicorn’s internal and associated consultants worldwide, we can be your great intelligence, resource & network to tap into any new markets. 

Need new funding to achieve various company objectives? Consider raising money from various funds and sources? What are the best options available to your company? Are there other meaningful benefits and resources that your company can gain from the new funding partners and process?

Continuous funding is not only the most important resource for business growth and various projects but also to ensure business continuity and survival. It’s essential and smart for companies to get ready access to various types and sources of funding.

Dhunicorn’s comprehensive network and collaboration with 78,000 public listed companies, investment funds, private equity funds, venture capitalists, angel investors, government agencies, various funds, and investors will be able to support your various funding needs. With vast funding resources and opportunities, we can be your ideal partner looking for various alternative funding.

SkyWise Institute, an all-in-one platform for world’s top corporate training courses, will answer for all your business breakthrough needs. If you strive to create a corporate culture with highly creative workforce, our professional team of experienced trainers are all set to fulfil your vision. Through professional training courses, your employees get trained to build immediate business breakthroughs and business excellence.

WorldWealthClub (WWC)

With a closed-end membership, WorldWealthClub (WWC) is an exclusive business elite group that is only open for the BODs of public companies, top management of public companies, millionaires and billionaires. 

Business Excellence Summit, Conferences & Reports

  • Global Business Excellence Summit will be one of the world’s most important business events for entrepreneurs and companies around the world. It is an inspirational business event with 100 targeted notable speakers and will attract participants from 7 continents of the world.
  • Public Listed Companies International Conference, C-Suite Executive International Conference, Entrepreneurship International Conference, and Business Manager Internationa Conference will be organized annually. These conferences are essential for companies to gain new bright & innovative ideas, insights, and problem solving.
  • In Global Business Reports, important business surveys will be conducted by Dhunicorn and shared with companies.

New Services Coming Soon