Can Content Automation Do Better Marketing?

“Technology, through automation and artificial intelligence, is definitely one of the most disruptive sources.” – Alain Dehaze

In the past, converting content into a marketing material was so tricky. It consumed our time and the cost of using various writing utensils and printing services. Once we started surviving in the digital life where content is king, the marketing industry entered the digital world and digital publishing services became a great boon for content marketers in every sector, thanks to the technology that changed the scenario and revolutionized the way every marketing industry followed earlier.

The new lock: where is the key?
Currently, the scenario comes with new challenges. When it comes to content marketing, present online content marketers face new marketing and production challenges because of a plethora of content in the digital world. On the one hand, content marketing is one of the essential parts of any industry, but on the other hand, it has currently become a complicated process since the variety of content goes unlimited and the way how the content is consumed by people has become unimaginable.

A large amount of the content generated today is consumed in its digital form. Digital content publishing has gradually entered into every sector such as IT, entertainment, business, and education. The form of content has evolved as variety of formats in different platforms and has created complex production processes that need special workflows for the variety of content produced. Every step in production of digital content requires customization and careful examination to suit the output required by the marketers.

Content + Automation process = ?
Content marketers need to overcome these challenges with innovative tools and ideas if they want to rule the kingdom of content. Here, automation, an obvious answer for many of the problems currently faced by publishing houses and content marketing industry, comes as an ultimate problem solver which makes content production smooth, uncomplicated, fast and easy. Content automation supports digital marketing strategy which integrates big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and natural language in order to accelerate the process of both production and distribution.

For the past few years, the ship of content marketing has definitely steered in the direction of automation. Around 51% of digital companies have started using marketing automation, according to statistics. If information is reliable, relevant, insightful and actionable with a proven and powerful method, customers will be attracted to marketing strategies. Here, technology plays a major role in providing fruitful data to customers.

With one-stop automation services processing in the cloud, all the processes in publishing which can be automated are scripted to work on the infrastructure of cloud computing. Workflows are developed by lining up different types of processes in the expected flow. The platform is exclusively designed to carry out a variety of automated tasks – composition, transformation and enhancement based on tailor-made automated workflows. Irrespective of at what stage your content production lines currently, automation can be applied at any phase of production, either the entire process or adopting it progressively, platforms and features that can be tailored to suit the expected demands.

In fact, recent content market demands have necessitated the inclusion of elements in content like info graphics, images, and GIFs, and interactive elements like videos and games. The content we produce is to be enriched with dynamic indexing, metadata, and semantic empowerment. In the method of content production with automation, the content is empowered with all the strategies that need for effective marketing. With the support of automation in content production, content marketers are able to streamline and accelerate the entire workflow, from the initial draft to the final output that they need.

Benefits of content automation in marketing
Content automation with a set of technologies supports for automating manual processes in content marketing. Its key aim is to automate the process of production and distribution in every stage and to keep the content up-to-date without the support of human intervention. Here let’s study some of the most important benefits of content automation in marketing.

  • Content automation improves the credibility of your product or service with content marketing strategies and can make your brand trendy.
  • Technically, it helps put sales on autopilot, sharing content across multiple digital platforms and optimizing content with SEO techniques. Your brands can catch a good place on Google search engine.
  • It converts content into other formats such as translated versions, audio or graphics, proofreading content to solve spelling and grammar issues and publishing content with reminders and notifications
  • Content automation supports your branding pages to receive more visibility and makes your social media engagement following.
  • With content automation, you can manage the entire process of your content strategy since you can virtually track every possible statistics on your campaign.
  • With the support of content automation, you can have the chances of converting high-quality qualified leads into sales. Content automation drives sales on specific products or services, empowering you control the way you sell.

Content automation tools for marketing

Content automation tools for marketing make a task a little more painless.  Here are some effective tools that you would help you streamline marketing functions.

  • io: It helps you send messages to targeted customers for specific products in a customer-friendly way.
  • Constant Contact: It is an email-marketing automation tool that helps you take your marketing to the next level.
  • Marketo: It is a sort of marketing software that lets you drive revenue with lead management.
  • Dialog Tech: It can be highly useful when you focus on voice-based marketing automation.
  • Oracle Eloqua: It lets marketers plan automated as well as personalized campaigns.
  • Bizible: Bizible is a tool that supports you to close the gap between sales and marketing.
  • Bremy: It lets you configure a customized content marketing package of database publishing, email newsletters and video editing.
  • Genoo: It enhances the success of your marketing plans.

With delivering excellence of designs and formats, automation services have become a better platform for content marketers to motivate the community with new words. The content is not only described words but also an art with alluring designs giving a new shape to the world. With a new perspective of content, we can imagine a better world and make reading fun for aspiring readers. Start-ups are increasingly turning to marketing strategies with content automation. The more marketing functions become automated, the more the marketing teams can focus on marketing strategies and digital marketing campaigns.

Content marketing is essential for a company to executing any long-term marketing strategy, but it is difficult to identify the most effective working content. In this case, automation will provide the data to answer your questions and enhance your content marketing processes. With the support of automation, you may:

  • Identify cost-effective and customer-friendly channels and campaigns.
  • Find out how your content influences buyer behaviour, and helps to increase leads on a particular content marketing campaign.
Data Mining Techniques for Stock Market Analysis and Prediction

“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.” – Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.

Analysis-based stock market prediction is essentially important since it can deal with the huge amount of money and stock buyers need a systematic and more accurate prediction. Because of high-risk investments, companies and individuals use different types of algorithms to predict the stock market. With the rising number of factors on global economy and the revolution of information technology, the number of financial data gets generated and accumulated forever at an extraordinary speed. Consequently, there is a compelling need for IT-based methods for monitoring massive amount of financial data to support companies and individuals before they take any strategic decision and investment planning.

The economy of every country is linked with the performance of stock markets. And also, apart from companies, common people are also interested to buy shares as a small investment. Consequently, analyzing stock market is not only related to macroeconomic parameters but also associated with everyday life. Therefore, there must be a systematic approach to reduce the uncertainty in stock market. Nowadays data mining has become one of the important technologies among various sectors and non-business organizations. Data mining techniques rely on data collection and warehousing with the support of computer processing. With these techniques, we can get the benefits of reduced cost, increased revenue, and stock market awareness. Applying data mining techniques for stock market analysis and prediction reveals some useful tips and predicts trends in the future and behaviours in stock markets. There are various data mining techniques in the world. Let’s study five key data mining techniques for analysis and prediction.

Neural Network in Stock Market

The neural network, one of the efficient data mining techniques, is used by companies for almost one decade. This technique is successfully applied in various learning applications for understanding a subject as per the way how our brain functions work. As it is a computational method, it is highly effective during this digital era. At the same time, it combines the features of brain functions and the structure of digital content. The key benefit of this method is that it can simultaneously forecast selling and buying signs with the prediction of future trends and decision-making tips for stock investors. There are various neural network-based architectures such as convolutional neural network, recurrent neural networks, multilayer perception and long short-term memory for predicting the stock price of companies.

Advantages of Neural Networks

  • Neural networks can work beyond the input and can produce the output.
  • The loss of data does not affect its functions since the data is stored in networks.
  • These networks can keep learning by observing examples.
  • We can get multi-skilled work from these networks.
  • Every piece of information is useful in the network.
  • These networks store information on the entire network.
  • Cost and time benefit. You can not only save money and time but also have your work done faster and error-free with quality and accuracy in results.

Decision Tree in Stock Market

Decision tree method is the best method for making decisions as it can deal with a lot of complex information and it is as simple as a ‘flowchart’ to assist you in making conclusions. It is used for building stratification and regression models to be used in data mining and trading. With the effective structure of decision tree, we get empowered to take systematic decisions with an accurate, balanced picture of the risks and rewards. When it comes to decision tree technique, the root of a decision tree is based on simple questions and related answers. Also, each question leads you to study another set of questions. Hence, this method is a simple technique for solving complex problems.

Advantages of Decision Tree

  • It works without the need of normalization of data.
  • It works without the need of scaling of data.
  • It is a simple method which can be easily explained to any technical team
  • It needs less effort for data preparation compared to other methods.
  • It makes us curious to take any decision as it is based on questions and answers.
  • It requires less training period.


Factor Analysis in Stock Market

This type of analysis is mainly useful in contexts in which a few common causes of variation determine a huge number of variables. Recently research on factor analysis concludes that a large number of information can be successfully summarized by a small number of approximate factors. It is a method which depends on a statistical approach and explains fluctuations among variables. Generally, there are four types of factor analysis such as exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, multiple factor analysis and generalized procrustes analysis.

Advantages of Factor Analysis

  • We can use both subjective and objective attributes.
  • We can use this algorithm to recognize the hidden dimensions which sometimes may not be available from direct analysis.
  • We can get accurate results using this algorithm.
  • It can be used to identify hidden constructs which may or may not be necessary from direct analysis.
  • It is not complicated to do, but it is low-cost and accurate.

Clustering in Stock Market

Clustering, an effective method for data analysis, solves problems of classification. The key objective this method is to classify data into groups. When it comes to clustering technique, algorithms that search for groups of records play a major role. Clustering helps single out important features that distinguish various groups.

Advantages of Clustering

  • It is very simple to implement.
  • We can use this method for large datasets.
  • It guarantees convergence.
  • It helps to generalize different clusters in one form.


Association Rules in Stock Market

Ability to predict association between buyers is very critical for market dealers or investors to boost their profits. Decision-making as such as whether to sell, buy or hold shared for investor in stock market is also a challenging task. This type of data mining algorithm determines the associations among factors in the database. For instance, this technique explores how buyer X is related to buyer Y and for decision makers before investment. The association rule discovers hidden patterns in the largest dataset of various domains. 

Advantages of Association Rule

  • It is appropriate for low cardinality sparse transaction database.
  • With lease memory consumption, we can use this algorithm.
  • It is very easy to implement.
  • We can eliminate repeated database.
  • Finding association is a more important task for marketers.

The more data we collect from customers the more analysis and prediction we can get. And the more accurate prediction we have the more revenue we can generate. Hence when it comes to stock market prediction, data collected from customers plays a major role. In view of the above techniques, we have concluded that by using data mining techniques, it is possible to obtain data with accuracy and reliability, which provide share buyers result-oriented solutions on investing their valuable money. Data mining, the method of uncovering consequential trends and patterns, sifts through large amounts of financial data stored. With the support of technologies of pattern recognition, and methods of statistical and mathematical techniques, the process of data mining turns raw data into useful information. Hence, either companies or individuals can learn more about public listed companies so that they can develop effective strategies before any investment.


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Mobile App-Focused Business Opportunities

“In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything.” – Matt Galligan, Co-founder of Circa

The rising number of mobile users has revolutionized the way we communicate with others for both personal and commercial purposes. From managing a pool of data traffic to transforming business with direct customer engagement, mobile apps pave new business prospective with various approaches for the modern world. Currently digital environment has become an app-centric space for every human need.  It is expected that mobile apps will generate more than $935 billion in revenue by 2023. Generally, a Smartphone owner uses 10 apps a day and 30 apps every month.

It is expected that mobile apps can make huge revenues through app stores and in-app advertising in the next decade. To stay competitive in any field, adopting latest technology is the first and most important step which companies should focus on. If you can understand the entire structure of mobile app markets, you have greater chances to rule the sector with your innovative app. Let’s find out some of the best app ideas that can make you a trendsetter in mobile development as a mobile app entrepreneur.

Augmented Reality Apps
Augmented reality can play a major role in mobile app development sectors since it deals with digital-friendly sounds, images and text. It transforms the reality around us into a digital interface by setting virtual objects in real time. According to the statement released by Market Research Future, the global market of Augmented Reality-based mobile app development would reach US$70 billion by 2023.AR mobile apps can support enhancing the performance of automobile industry, hospitality, interior design, construction, health care, food industry, etc.

Some AR-based app ideas

  • Floor Planner App
  • Painting Tool
  • User Manual
  • Publication App
  • 3D Printing App
  • Filmmaking App
  • Manufacturing App
  • Architecture App
  • AR-enable Television

Health Care Apps
After the era of Covid-19, health care apps have become one of the best apps that focus on customer-friendly tasks. Healthcare mobile apps make the medicine availability easier and convenient and it is undeniably in-demand as they are one of the leading apps in the app stores simply because they provide solutions the healthcare market’s challenges. With both health professionals- and patients-friendly healthcare apps, a rapid growth of new cases can be handled by doctors immediately. Sitting at home, you can get appointment, chat with a doctor (if required, with multiple doctors), get your medical images scanned, check symptoms distantly and get a prescription if possible. In the future, AI-powered health care mobile apps will come up with some basic and advanced diagnostic features that empower doctors to treat more patients.

Some Healthcare-based app ideas

  • COVID-19 Guidelines App
  • Health and Fitness App
  • Mental Healthcare App for Employees
  • One-stop Healthcare App
  • Pharmacy App
  • Organ Donation Portal
  • Crowd funding App
  • Biomedical devices-connected App
  • Healthcare NGO
  • Emergency App
  • Genetic Engineering App
  • Healthcare Research App

Virtual Reality Apps
What is a Virtual Reality? It is often described as three-dimensional computer-generated environments that replace the normal reality. It is experienced as 3D graphics, images, or 360-degree videos on computers or smartphones running mobile apps. Apart from entertainment sectors, Virtual Reality supports several domains such as education, healthcare, marketing, air and space, travel, real estate, journalism, trade and automotive. Hence, VR mobile apps can come up with several features that make people perform several tasks interestingly. And also, we can connect VR apps with several other types of apps such as AR apps, healthcare apps, AI apps, blockchain apps, IoT apps and on-demand apps for getting maximum benefits of related app functions.

Some VR-based app ideas

  • Digital Personal Assistant
  • Interior Designer App
  • Product Showcase App
  • Meditation Guide
  • Training App
  • Artistic App
  • Publication App
  • Filmmaking App
  • Manufacturing App
  • Architecture App
  • Entertainment Apps
  • Sports Apps
  • Dating Apps

Artificial Intelligence Apps
AI-powered apps help for problem-solving and performing tasks and it is taking the world by storm. Some of the best AI android apps are highly productive and save time. Since Artificial Intelligence leads all the sectors, AI mobile apps can control every sector with its advancement and its applications have been a great value for both establishment and an individual, supporting then in their tasks with ease and meeting deadlines. So, if you are planning to develop an AI mobile app, here are a few interesting suggestions that may help you capture the world of AI apps.

  • AI content creator
  • AI Personal Trainer App
  • AI Travel Assistant
  • AI-based brand monitoring app
  • AI-Based Easy Checkout App
  • AI-Based Image Analysis App
  • AI-based maintenance app
  • AI-based manufacturing app
  • AI-based recruiter
  • AI-based research app
  • AI-based training app
  • AI-Enabled Text Extraction

Listed below are the 9 best Artificial Intelligence Apps that are redefining human lives this year:

  1. Alexa– an AI powered virtual assistant from Amazon
  2. Google Assistant– an AI driven virtual assistant developed by Google and is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices
  3. Siri– works on using voice queries and a natural language user interface
  4. Socratic– one of the most common AI-based applications for Android and iOS that can assist students with their tasks by providing educational resources
  5. Cortana– aka Microsoft’s virtual assistant
  6. Replika– Well recognized as the best AI friend and makes a conversation with its users much like a human being
  7. ELSA Speak– a popular AI-enabled app to learn how to speak English
  8. Wysa– an AI-powered conversational agent that helps improve mental health
  9. FaceApp– a photo and video editing application for Ios and Android that helps convert an actual photo into an amazing one

Blockchain Apps
Blockchain apps not only run on one server but also harness the additional features of thousands of computers around the world. This modern app deals with properties, your most valuable immediate items which needs massive protection.  When these types of apps are controlled by automation software, we can measure business outcomes and get proofs and evidence authentically. With a lot of highly useful safe and resilient functions, blockchain apps function like an operating system. In the future, the tasks-related to every domain will depend on blockchain apps if they want to get evidence-based outcomes.

Some Blockchain-based app ideas

  • Evidence-based Advertising App
  • Anti-money laundering tracking App
  • Cross-border payment App
  • Cryptocurrency exchange App
  • Personal Identity Security APP
  • Real estate processing App
  • IoT-based Blockchain App
  • Medical data Sharing App
  • Supply chain and logistics monitoring App
  • Online Voting App

IoT Apps
Internet of Things is expected to touch economic impact of $3.9 trillion to $11.1 trillion by 2025. Hence, IoT apps are also one of the major sectors in the corporate world which mainly focuses on revenues from the digital world. IoT apps can provide smart security solutions for healthcare systems, smart home, smart roads, smart parking, wireless sensor systems, quality control, etc. bringing immense value into our lives. It allows devices to interact, team-up and learn from each other’s experiences just like people do.

Some IoT-based app ideas

  • Smart Home Function App
  • Cloud-enabled IoT App
  • Healthcare App
  • Data Analytics App
  • Smart City Function App
  • Smart University Function App
  • Smart School Function App
  • Smart Industry Function App
  • Smart Energy and Resource Management App
  • Smart Retail App

On-demand Apps
Over ten years, on-demand apps have evolved swiftly since almost every business model such as food delivery, healthcare, retail and home services provide their services with the support of on-demand apps. These apps help them boost and marketing and branding at the same time.

Since everybody reaches for their mobiles to make their lives more comfortable, an on-demand service app can be the best choice. On-demand apps enhance the services with vastly sophisticated functions. These functions are highly essential because they offer: order tracking, order scheduling, multiple payment modes, alerts and notifications, customer feedback, dynamic analytics, in-app messaging among clients and customers, on-demand transportation, fast payments, real-time tracking and visible pricing.

Some on-demand app ideas

  • Car Wash App
  • Live Video Consultation App
  • Food Delivery App
  • Healthcare App
  • Grocery App
  • Taxi Service App
  • Beauty App
  • Logistics App
  • Online Coaching Mobile App
  • Mobile Game App
  • Ecommerce App

So, this is the list of innovative mobile app development ideas. Mobile apps play on social and commerce platforms that mainly focus on the life of the present and upcoming generation. Nowadays an app-based business development has become a buzzword in the global economy. There will be around 7 billion mobile users in the world by the end of year 2021.

Developing mobile apps and how they perform in a digital world plays an important role in today’s digital economy. Several disruptive app-based business models have already occupied the market and a huge number of apps are emerging to dominate the consumer world. However, there is still big scope in mobile app development. If you want to become a trendsetter in mobile app development, you can focus on any niche market.

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Component No. 6: Market Success
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Component No. 7: D.H. Unicorn Discovery
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Component No. 8: Business Excellence Summit, Conferences & Reports
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