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Having an attitude of excellence drives a business person to pursue and achieve excellence. This creates an incredible difference in the business performance and thus in the business world and ultimately on the entire mankind.

The prestigious Global Golden Business Awards celebrates, esteems, and honors business excellence across public companies, SMEs, and corporate sectors.

We warmly invite deserving business people who carve their path toward success with strong determination, diligence, innovation, resilience, and persistence to step forward and get recognized.

Global Golden Business Awards

The World’s Most Prestigious Awards

Global Golden Business Awards is one of the most prestigious business awards that highlights, recognizes, and celebrates exceptional performance, extraordinary achievement, and great contributions of businesses around the world.

The award aims to motivate the businesses by presenting them with success stories of winners while creating a positive competitive spirit. It is all about setting a new benchmark of success by constantly pushing the boundaries of excellence.

The most significant benefit of these awards is that they can position the winning businesses and their brands as industry leaders in the eyes of their customers, prospects, and stakeholders.

Global Golden Business Awards is also a vital facet of the Global Business Excellence Summit.

This summit is a unique and powerful event where industry experts, well-experienced business professionals, and specialists around the world present on a wide range of topics significant to participating companies. It also incorporates panel discussions, workshops, and exclusive networking sessions.

The keynote speakers in this event talk about the latest business and technology trends, business best practices, innovative ideas, and strategies that can be turned into valuable opportunities. They also offer important takeaways as well as their perspectives and insights on tackling business challenges and obstacles successfully while achieving business growth, success, and prosperity.

Global Golden Business Awards serves as a real-life illustration of the excellence imparted in the Global Business Excellence Summit by presenting the stories of award-winning businesses.


Wall of Honor

Global Pinnacle Award winners


iPhone 15 Pro Max


Mate 60 Pro


Galaxy Z Fold 5



Open AI



GO FlyEase

Novo Nordisk




DJI Shenzhen

DJI Agras T40




Qin Plus


Genetic Sequencing

Siemens Energy

Renewable Energy

IBM Watson Health

Artificial Intelligence Solutions in Healthcare


AI and sustainability



Award Categories



EMERGING STAR AWARD is bestowed to an outstandingly emerging business that has performed remarkably well, outshining the saturated market of the existing companies.


Eligibility criteria:

  • Annual turnover below USD 3 Million.
  • Business must be registered with Government Regulatory Administration.


BUSINESS IMPACT AWARD is conferred to a nominated business that has accomplished an exceptional achievement and thus has made an enormous difference in the business world creating a positive impact on other businesses.


Eligibility criteria:

  • Annual turnover from USD3 Million to USD 25 Million.
  • Business must be registered with Government Regulatory Administration.


BUSINESS LEGACY AWARD is awarded to a business that has achieved extraordinary business success while contributing exceptionally to the business community that has the potential to endure through generations.


Eligibility criteria:

  • Annual turnover of USD 25 Million and above.
  • Business must be registered with Government Regulatory Administration.



Only the nominated business will be considered for the award process.

Business people who want to contest the awards can nominate themselves by submitting the duly filled nomination form. The nomination process will be open to all businesses registered with Government Regulatory Administration.


All submissions will undergo a rigorous screening process to check the authenticity of applications. Our panel of judges will evaluate the information provided in the submission against the eligibility criteria of each award category.


Our highly esteemed panel of judges will do the shortlisting based on specific criteria. Although these criteria are unquantifiable, they can explicitly substantiate the significant aspects of a business's performance.

Special emphasis will be put on scrutinizing the following qualitative factors

Achieving Customer Contentment
  • Keeping Customers Not Just Satisfied but Also Happy
  • Cultivating Brand Loyalty

Embracing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Nurturing Diversity and Inclusion
  • Practicing Environmental Sustainability
  • Making Positive Community Impact
  • Creating Powerful Social Impact
  • Establishing A Potent Global Impact

Fostering Employee Spirit
  • Creating A Positive Workplace Culture
  • Driving A Culture Of Innovation
  • Promoting Employee Growth By Providing Opportunities
  • Inspiring Employee Engagement With Strong Leadership
  • Implementing Health And Safety Practices Effectively
  • Encouraging Continuous Improvement Strongly

Ensuring High Quality Of Products Or Services
  • Incorporating Innovation Into Business
  • Building A Strong Brand Reputation
  • Implementing Innovative Marketing Strategies Successfully
  • Winning Industry Recognition

Integrating Ethics In Business
  • Building Business Integrity
  • Promoting Ethical Conduct In Business
  • Ensuring Effective Corporate Governance
  • Achieving Long-Term Sustainability Goals
  • Implementing Regulatory Advocacy Effectively

Strengthening Core Business
  • Increasing Market Share Successfully
  • Executing Global Expansion Strategy Effectively
  • Implementing Successful Digital Transformation
  • Making successful strategic investments

Then, the shortlisted businesses will be sent a confirmation about their selection. Further, they will be expected to furnish certain information to validate the parameters set for the final evaluation.


Our expert and experienced panel of judges will evaluate the shortlisted businesses giving precedence to their quantitative aspects rather than the qualitative aspects. To make certain that the ultimate evaluation is impartial and unprejudiced, emphasis is given to the quantifiable data that concretely as well as accurately establish the successful performance of a business.

Global Golden Business Awards Benefits

Winning Global Golden Business Awards can

Help your business build credibility and get recognition

Boost your company’s profile

Increase your brand awareness and visibility

Attract talent to your business

Fetch attention from suppliers and vendors

Help you gain a competitive edge

Provide access to new opportunities

Open doors to beneficial networking opportunities

Be valuable in growing your sales and revenues

Impress your investors and stakeholders

Terms and Conditions of Global Golden Business Awards Nomination


1.1 Nominees must meet the eligibility criteria specified by the Award Organizer in the Global Golden Business Awards Nomination Application Form.

1.2 The Global Golden Business Awards Nomination Application Form must be duly signed by the authorized personnel with the highest ranking of the company.


Nomination Process

2.1 Nominees may be required to provide certain information and materials as part of the nomination process.

2.1 Incomplete or late nominations may be disqualified at the discretion of the Award Organizer.

2.3 All submitted Global Golden Business Awards Nomination Application Form, as well as any submitted or accompanying materials will not be returned and shall remain as the property of the Award Organizer.


Judging Criteria

3.1 Nominations will be evaluated based on the criteria established by the Award Organizer. These criteria may include but are not limited to, excellence, innovation, impact, or contribution to the field.

3.2 The judges’ decisions are final. No inquiry or appeal in any form of communication will be entertained. The nominees at any phase, shall not resort to court proceedings to review the judge’s decision.


Nominee’s Responsibilities

4.1 Nominees are responsible for providing accurate and truthful information in their nominations.

4.2 Nominees must obtain any necessary permissions or consents from organizations mentioned in the nomination.

4.3 Nominees must be available to participate in any award-related activities or events if selected as finalists or winners.


Nomination Fees

5.1 A nomination fee of US98 may be required for each nomination. Payment instructions and methods will be provided by the Award Organizer.

5.2 Nomination fees are non-refundable, except at the discretion of the Award Organizer.


Confidentiality and Data Usage

6.1 The Award Organizer will handle all information provided in nominations with care and in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

6.2 The Award Organizer may use the information provided for promotional and publicity purposes related to the Award.


Intellectual Property Rights

7.1 By submitting a nomination, Nominees grant the Award Organizer a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use any intellectual property (e.g., photographs, videos, written materials) submitted as part of the nomination for Award-related purposes.


Selection Process

8.1 The selection process will be conducted by a panel of judges appointed by the Award Organizer. The judges’ decisions are final and binding.


Notification and Publicity

9.1 Nominees will be notified of their nomination status within 30 days after receiving the nomination form. Winners may be publicized by the Award Organizer through various channels.


Prizes and Awards

10.1 Details of the prizes, awards, or recognition will be provided separately by the Award Organizer.



11.1 Nominations may be disqualified if they do not comply with these Terms or the eligibility criteria in 1.1.

11.2 Incomplete or post-deadline entry will automatically be declined.

11.3 False, fraudulent, and omitted information, documentation, or materials discovered even after the Awards are presented, accordingly, the awarded Awards and the recognition of both the nominee and the company will be revoked automatically. The Awards Statuette must be returned at the cost of the disqualified nominee and/or the company. In addition, all costs incurred throughout the Awards nomination process will be forfeited.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction

12.1 These Terms are governed by the laws of Malaysia. Any disputes arising from or related to these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Malaysia.


Changes to Terms and Conditions

13.1 The Award Organizer reserves the right to modify these Terms. Any changes will be communicated to Nominators and Nominees through the Award Organizer’s website or other appropriate channels.

By submitting a nomination for the Award, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these Terms and Conditions of Award Nomination.


Last updated on 05 February 2024