New Materials – The Open Door to Lucrative Business

To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.” – Albert Einstein

New materials, innovated and developed by researchers, exhibit distinctive properties and so can be used in many leading-edge applications. Thus, the innovation of new materials positively impacts the development of many industries and businesses.

Let’s discuss some interesting new materials and the huge opportunities they create for making a profitable business.



This nanomaterial is an allotrope of carbon and is the strongest & thinnest material in the world. Some distinctive properties of graphene make it ideal for versatile applications in diverse industries.

Biomedical Industry

Advanced developments in the biomedical industry by using graphene creates a room for profitable business possibilities.

  • Drug Delivery

Graphene, due to its structural features like a high surface-to-volume ratio and solubility, serves as an excellent drug carrier, specifically ideal for the treatment of cancer.

  • Biosensor

Graphene has high sensitivity and exceptional electrochemical & optical properties due to which it can precisely detect biomolecules. Graphene-based electrochemical biosensors have a huge scope in the biomedical industry.

Tissue Engineering Owing to its mechanical strength & stiffness, biocompatibility, and extraordinary electrical conductivity, graphene is highly suitable for tissue engineering applications

  • Medical Devices

Graphene is used to create an antibacterial surface on medical devices and thus prevent infections that are caused at the time of healthcare procedures.

Electronics Industry

The electronics industry anticipates a huge scope for development and profit using graphene.

  • Wearable technology

Graphene has more flexibility & stretchability than rubber. Also, it is the thinnest material possessing high conductivity property. Hence this material has an excellent prospect in the production of thin & flexible, high-performing wearables.

  • Transistors

The unique physical properties of graphene can aid in making the smaller size transistors with enhanced performance in the circuits. This also gives a scope for the production of next-generation miniaturized devices.

  • Semiconductors

Graphene being the thinnest material with excellent electrical conductivity can be used to produce semiconductors to miniaturize the size of the electronic gadgets and create super-fast chips than the existing ones.

Sports Good Industry

  • Sports Gear

Graphene can endure high impact at high speed while being very lightweight, flexible as well as durable. Hence sports gear manufacturing industries apply this material for the production of sports goods like tennis racquets, skis, etc.

  • Sportswear

Graphene being super thin & ultra-lightweight is preferred in making sportswear, as it helps with easy body movement & keeping the right body posture for the sportsperson. Apart from that graphene being the strongest material can well-endure the physical wear during sports activity.


Self-Healing Materials 

Self-Healing Materials are synthesized such that they can repair & restore any physical damages in them on their own with no need for human interference. 

Textile Industry

Fabrics with self-healing coating react to heat & friction and self-repair any damages on them. They are also highly stretchable and extremely durable. Self-healing fabrics can create a huge demand in the military, medical & industrial sectors.

Construction Industry

Self-healing materials have a massive demand in the construction business.

  • Road Construction

Self-healing Asphalt if used in road constructions can self-repair the potholes, cracks on the roads. It can prevent accidents, cut down road repair & maintenance expenses, and reduce traffic problems during road maintenance work.

  • Building construction

Self-healing concrete when used in construction, can repair cracks without the need for construction workers, for years and years and thus improve the life span of the building.

Electronics Industry

  • Self-healing circuits

A circuit with self-healing components in a smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet, etc, due to its self-healing property, continues to function fully even when it breaks. This improves the functionality & durability of the devices.

  • Self-healing smartphones

Self-healing smartphones can fix any scratches and cracks on them by themselves. They would generate a huge demand in the market creating scope for a highly profitable business.

Automotive & Aircraft Industry 

There is a growing demand for self-healing-based products in the automotive and aircraft industries.

  • Self-healing paints

Self-healing paints if used to coat automobiles, can fix the scratches & scuff marks by their self-healing characteristics utilizing the natural heat source of sunlight. This keeps the vehicle’s body well-maintained like new, for a very long time.

  • Self-healing composites

Certain defects like cracks can occur on the structures of aircraft that are hard to detect & repair, failing its different parts. By using self-healing composites while manufacturing an aircraft, not only its lifespan improves but also its maintenance cost can be cut down considerably.


Liquid Glass

Liquid glass, a nanotechnology innovation, which when sprayed on a surface makes it moisture, heat, acid, UV, dirt, and bacteria resistant. Different companies see this material as highly profitable due to their practical applications in their respective industries.

Textile Industry

Liquid glass coating on fabric makes it greaseproof, waterproof as well as stains, dirt, abrasion & UV proof without changing the color, feel, and breathability of the material. It has wide applications like coating bags, apparel, footwear, etc. to make them easy to maintain & last durably.

Electronics Industry

Liquid glass coating on the screens & surface of devices like mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets, camera lenses, drones, etc. makes them waterproof, scratch & abrasion proof without affecting the screen resolution or clarity. It is easy to use and can protect the device for a very good amount of time.

Healthcare Industry

Creating antimicrobial surface is the need of the healthcare industry today. Liquid glass coating on a surface makes it self-disinfecting because of its antimicrobial property. It prevents mold & dust mites and also facilitates easy cleaning of the surface. It can be used to coat medical devices & instruments, walls & floors of the hospital rooms and clothing, etc.



Aerogel is an artificially made new material, obtained from a gel by substituting its liquid part with gas while retaining its gel structure. It is ultralight, porous, and has very low density.

Petrochemical Industries

This new material has exceptional insulation for very high temperatures. And so, it is applied in the industries like refineries, petrochemical, and gas processing plants for insulation purposes.

Paint Manufacturing Industries

Paint manufacturers use aerogel as additives in their formulation to fortify their paint with the thermal insulating property. This serves as an energy-saving solution in the buildings of very hot climatic regions. It also makes the paint water repellant preventing any weather damage to the building while retaining its pleasant appearance.


Silicon X

Silicon X is a new material created by mixing silicone and graphite in a certain ratio.

Batteries made with silicon X have almost 500% more capacity than the regular ones. Such batteries eliminate the discomfort of frequent dying of batteries in electronic devices. There is an enormous possibility of transforming the electronic device and gadgets industry by making use of this new material.