Global Business Excellence Summit

Global Business Excellence Summit (GBES) is one of the world’s most important business events for entrepreneurs and companies around the world. It provides an interconnected platform for researchers, innovators, and educators to explore various topics such as the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns in the fields of business excellence.

GBES provides three days of sessions focused on learning, business, and professional development, exchange of ideas, impressive business insights, overcoming challenges, branding, data management, and many more. Featuring up to 100 speakers, clients, and corporate partners, the presentations are exceptionally inspirational, thought-provoking, delivering value for all types of business leaders.

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No matter how grave a crisis is, it always has a silver lining. History confirms that adversities induce transformations & developments. Our International Conference creates a platform for industry experts across the world, to talk about identifying opportunities in adversities and take advantage of them.


We at Dhunicorn believe that innovation is the key to achieve business breakthroughs. Navigating a crisis like the Global Pandemic calls for innovative ideas. In this platform, experts from different parts of the world will share their innovative ideas and experience to pivot businesses & win in these critical times.


Businesses that thrive during the tough times have business leaders as towers of strength, developing winning strategies to grow their companies and achieve success. At our C-Suite Executives International Conference, expert speakers will proffer excellent strategies, advice, recommendations & tips for gaining business Prosperity & Success

Date: 18th – 20th November 2022 (3 days)

Time: 3 AM GMT + 0

Malaysia / Singapore / China / Hong Kong: 11.00am
Indonesia / Thailand / Vietnam: 10.00am
India: 8.30am
UK: 3.00am
Japan / Korea: 12.00pm
South Africa: 5.00am
Saudi Arabia: 6.00am
Sydney, Australia: 2.00pm
California, USA: 7.00pm, 17th – 19th November 2022 (3 days)