Deliver the Best Result with the Growth Triple Play: Creativity, Analytics, and Purpose

According to some studies, growth triple play, the combined form of creativity, analytics, and purpose, plays a key role in business growth. It is said that applying these elements are essential to increase growth to more than 12% compared to other companies that only use one of these traits. However, the trio is rarely applied; statistically, only 7% of surveyed companies were applying all three. If companies statistically and strategically understand how they can use the growth triple play of creativity, analytics, and purpose, they can drive their market growth successfully. In this article, let’s study how we can integrate these three elements to get the results according to our needs.


Creativity and innovation are important factors across all global industries because they can solve any business challenge. It has been dominant in the story of marketing and key support of innovation. If companies want to introduce a new product or a new service, they should form a team with experts that are highly creative and innovative. For every company, staying ahead of competitors is a big challenge. So companies keep disturbing existing patterns of products and services with innovative patterns. Here below are some points that will talk about why creativity is important in business growth.

  • Creative advertising attracts more attention.
  • Creative branding leads to brand loyalty.
  • Creative partnerships expand reach.
  • Creative problem-solving leads to efficiency.
  • Creative promotions increase sales.
  • Creativity enhances brand differentiation.
  • Engaging content attracts more customers.
  • Fresh ideas improve customer experience.
  • Fresh perspectives generate new opportunities.
  • Innovative products meet customer needs.
  • Innovative solutions increase customer satisfaction.
  • Out-of-the-box thinking increases market share.
  • Unconventional strategies create a competitive advantage.
  • Unique ideas boost brand awareness.
  • Unique packaging sets brands apart.


Creating moments that are meaningful to customers involves analytical accuracy to be able to discover what customers need and growth depends on greater insights into the wants, needs, habits, and behaviors of customers. Analytics is accepted in almost every vertical and it is at the center of marketing decisions in triple-growth companies. If companies apply analytics with purpose to use data ingestion, integration, storage, and more, to plan new strategies, they can find out new customers. Analytics, an effective solution to tackle all customer data-related challenges, will:

  1. Support to analyse your customer profile to know whether they are regular customers or not. Once you know who your regular customers are and who are not, you can create your sales plan according to their needs, likes, and purchasing decisions.
  2. Provided insights and data efficiently and accessible to all teams across the organization to help in decision-making and innovation
  3. Support to investigate the successful sales to learn more about that sales success. The analysis will tell you how you succeeded in the past sales process.
  1. Make a clear statistics-based analysing of your sales strategies with the support of a market research team. Statistics gained from the market research team will support you to advance your sales strategies.
  2. Organize a research and development team to analyse what your competitors offer and introduce new techniques. If you understand what your competitors perform, you may try to overcome them.
  3. Set SMART goals to improve your sales since it is Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. Based on SMART goals, you can increase your sales.

The Power of Purpose

Every company should know how to tell a brand story since it is an opportunity to communicate with customers. With a direct emotional connection and the right message, a company can create an engaging brand story that has the elements of products and services. Storytelling can play a major role in influencing brand awareness and bringing in new customers.

By linking the power of purpose with the elements of creativity and data analytics, brands can tell better brand stories and deliver result-oriented experiences to consumers in the form of products or services. The purpose is the North Star in growth triple play, guiding the direction in making critical decisions and connecting Purpose to creativity and Analytics is important in determining opportunities. Crucially, purpose helps companies make important decisions that will create the long-term growth pattern of the brand. With the support of data gained from analytics, companies may adopt customer acquisition tools to attract new leads to their businesses.

Obtaining social proof is an ultimate goal that you must do not only to check the quality of products and services but also to understand how customers give feedback on your brands. If you manufacture your products or develop your service based on customer feedback, it validates that your brand is trustworthy.

Identifying the target audience is another important benefit if companies connect their visions and missions with analysed data. Before designing a digital marketing campaign, with the support of survey classifications, the company can reach out to the customers who choose services or products of their brands.

The most advanced design thinking will give every company a great customer experience. When you set goals based on analysis, you could implement the latest customer-friendly designs to attract new customers. And also, you can build a healthy relationship with your customers to increase your customer base since existing customers tend to introduce new customers if they like your professional relationship and brands at the same time.

After linking the power of purpose with the elements of creativity and data analytics, you can become a master in creating high-converting landing pages as you want new customers to be landed on your pages. If you want that your client acquisition strategy should be more successful, you need to focus on developing powerful landing pages.


Growth triple play can bring a strong direction for your business growth. Every element of this technique can play a role when companies set goals. The fusion of creativity and data analytics with the power of purpose will support you to have a big transformation in your business growth. It will:

  • Boost economic prosperity and job creation.
  • Enable sustainable and inclusive growth.
  • Enhance access to education and healthcare.
  • Enhance social and cultural development.
  • Expand infrastructure and public services.
  • Facilitate international trade and globalization.
  • Foster innovation and technology development.
  • Improve the quality of life for citizens.
  • Increase investment and business opportunities.
  • Strengthen national and regional competitiveness.

A comprehensive integration of these three elements will also lead you to have breakthrough ideas making the growth rate twice as high as those companies that don’t. If you technically and meticulously know how well this technique will work, you can set your business goals successfully.