Top 10 Sustainable Business Trends that Make the World both Environmentally and Economically Greater

Ever-increasing pollution, the climatic crisis, and environmental concerns have made companies think about developing products in a more sustainable way of living. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the behaviour of consumers has also changed, and started utilizing more environmentally-friendly products. Consequently, global companies have shifted to eco-friendly products leading to increased demand for sustainable products. In this article, let’s see the top 10 sustainable business trends to look out for in the coming years. 

  1. Sustainable Finance

Sustainable finance is a type of investment decision that provides funds for the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors of economic activity or project. It is a subcategory of traditional financing that aims to place capital into projects that emphasize sustainable development.  It has an important role in this world’s evolution to net zero by directing private money into carbon-neutral projects. According to recent statistics, the value of global total ESG assets may hit $53 trillion by 2025. Sustainable development companies keep flourishing here and there since they can get financial support for their eco-friendly products and services. Sustainable finance supports viable projects for sustainable and ecologically friendly agriculture.  

  1. Sustainable data centre

Companies need to keep records of data because of its importance. A sustainable data centre can be used to improve a company’s sustainability functions by identifying ways it can run more efficiently. In this digital era, the advantages of sustainable data centres are inevitable. Turning sustainability into strategies and budgets is becoming an essential factor in data centre operations, and data centre PR. There are several benefits of sustainable data centre since it:

  • cuts electricity consumption
  • decreases water use
  • lowers carbon emissions
  • lowers long-term operating costs
  • reduces space requirements
  • reduces waste output
  1. Sustainable retail

A sustainable retail sector is a must for creating an eco-friendly world because it can reach every consumer. It has transformed from an ‘if’ to a ‘when’ and ‘how’. Recently, consumers expect their chosen brands to take a stand for what they believe in and one of them is sustainability. Investors and customers both want to support a brand that prioritizes the environment and humanity. By selling sustainably sourced products, an eco-friendly retail business creates eco-minded consumption among consumers. When you open an eco-friendly retail store, you may consider partnering with a sustainable company that is focused on manufacturing sustainable products. And also, an eco-friendly retailer may diversify with new products or services as sustainable products will keep mushrooming.

  1. Recycled products

Recycling is the new trend in sustainable products and that is why companies should continue utilizing this trend to invent new technologies that can convert used products into usable recycled products. Recycled products will support reducing the amount of pollution they contribute to the world. Meanwhile, we, as buyers should contribute in this matter by recycling, reusing and consume in a sustainable way!

Benefits of Recycling

  • Conserves natural resources such as water, minerals, and timber
  • Increases job opportunities by exploring new domains
  • Prevents environmental pollution by reducing the waste
  • Saves energy for future usage

Top 10 Recycled Materials in the US

  1. Aluminum
  2. Concrete
  3. Corrugated Cardboard
  4. Glass
  5. Mixed Papers
  6. Newspapers
  7. Plastic (PET)
  8. Plastics (HDPE)
  9. Steel
  10. Used Motor Oil –ok for me
  11. Renewable energy

As the global population rises, our energy requirements have also increased, but fossil fuels are running out of the world. And also because of the negative impacts of burning fossil fuels, we human race need to create environmentally and socially conscious products and services in various economic sectors. So, companies can utilize this trend of global interest by generating cleaner energy alternatives and utilizing government-incentivized renewable energy initiatives. This is the best time to help solve the world’s energy problems and make money by doing it. Technology innovation and declining costs are giving way to renewable energy to gain competitiveness and the year ahead is getting more opportunities for cleaner energy sources to grow in most market segments.

  1. Sustainable food products

Nowadays food production, packaging, and shipping are all undergoing a revolution in sustainability and consumers are considering products that can help them to live a socially responsible and sustainable life. If you have new projects to deal with sustainable food production, you can help preserve our natural resources and create a new sustainable-friendly global society. Sustainable food products are not only about the food items themselves but also a combination of aspects such as production process, logistics, packaging, and consumption. The pandemic has also made companies and consumers consider and focus more on sustainability as we have suffered through social, health, and economic crises.

  1. Sustainable construction materials

Either as a manufacturer or a retailer, an entrepreneur should start a business based on sustainable construction materials. These materials are not only a better alternative for the environment but they also offer a better utility compared to traditional methods. Sustainable materials create energy-efficient structures and build green building materials and prove how they contribute to saving energy. This is the list of materials that are related to green buildings.

  • Bamboo
  • Cellulose
  • Composites
  • Cordwood
  • Cork
  • Earth Bags
  • Earthen Materials
  • Fiber Cement
  • Fiber Glass
  • Insulated Concrete Forms
  • Natural Clay
  • Natural Fiber
  • Natural Fiber Floor
  • Non- VOC paints
  • Polystyrene and isocyanurate
  • Polyurethane
  • SIPs
  • Slate/ Stone Roofing
  • Steel
  • Stone
  • Straw Bale
  • Thatch
  • Wood

As we move into another year, sustainable building materials in the market are all set to surge!

  1. Eco-friendly and sustainable toys

As an entrepreneur, if you have a passion for introducing innovative toys to get into the toy business, you may focus on creating types of toys that teach sustainability with eco-friendly raw materials. Toy companies are more fixated nowadays on expanding their market for environmentally conscious customers. If you’re not interested in designing new toys, recycle old toys to create new toys. By playing with eco-friendly and sustainable toys, kids in the present generation will get ready to create a new sustainable economy in the future. The increase in awareness among parents and schools, has resulted in most children shifting also to sustainable options in toys. 

  1. Sustainable interior design services

Interior designers can become sustainable business owners. If you want to become a role model, use eco-friendly furniture and other sustainable products to decorate residential as well as commercial buildings. Those who survive in these places will become eco-friendly customers so they will buy other sustainable products.

Beauty, convenience, and comfort with less damage to natural resources are completely in the spirit of today’s times when it is very important to take our planet’s safety seriously.

  1. Green apps and software

We need apps and software for facilitating every process. So, develop green apps and software to check the ingredients and ethics of sustainable products and to manufacture recycled products. Green apps are technically not a new concept, but it has caught the public’s attention due to concerns revolving around the impact of pollution and global warming. Green apps will support sustainable companies in taking decisions on important environmental factors, and they support making the production process simple and encouraging companies to think green. It will continuously grow and be an increasingly determining factor for consumers in the future.

According to research, corporates with high ESG (environmental, social, and governance) ratings will outperform the market average in both medium and long-term earnings very soon. A sustainable economy opens the door to new opportunities and offers huge benefits to our society and the planet. With the right business trends, sustainable businesses can overcome competitors that are environmentally unaware. 

Top 10 Trends in 5G Technology for 2023 and Beyond

In recent years, 5G business trends have shown tremendous growth because of the robust demand for high-speed network connectivity. Moreover, the number of smartphone users is increasing both in developed and developing economies. According to some studies, the Global 5G infrastructure market value may surpass USD 60 billion by 2028 because of its advanced capabilities. In this article, let’s study the top 10 trends in 5G technologies for 2023 and beyond.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Why is 5G significant to the field of AI? A fully functioning and effective 5G network cannot be complete without the presence of AI procedures. AI, together with its sub-categories such as machine learning has been developing as a discipline, to the extent that nowadays this mechanism permits fifth-generation (5G) wireless networks to be prognostic and active. As corporates and other organizations utilize the benefits of digital transformation, they need to depend on a flood of data that is extremely valuable. Typically, the data are difficult to obtain, handle, and analyse since they are in different patterns. However, they use AI to manage the massive amounts of data being collected. 5G will improve the speed and integration of artificial intelligence. It accelerates the method of handling data while AI is used to analyse and learn from the same data faster. Nowadays the combination of 5G and AI is essential for every sector in the world. 

  1. Smart Devices 

When we think about 5G, we think of cell phones and how communication will become advanced with faster internet. What 5G will enigmatically transform is the way we interrelate with machines and how they become more incorporated into our lives. Artificial intelligence has played a key role in reshaping our world smarter and smoother since smarter devices are developed with the features of this technology. If companies utilize the power of 5G technology with smart devices, they can support their following professionals so that they can enhance their functions.

  • Automation engineers
  • Data scientists
  • IT manager
  • IT researchers
  • Product managers
  • Product testers
  1. Datafication

Datafication is simply transforming everything in our life into data that is suitable for a particular device. It is about taking a formerly invisible process and creating it into data, which can be monitored, traced, evaluated, and optimized. Recent technologies we are using have empowered a number of new ways of ‘datify’ our daily routines. Datafication supports IT professionals, data scientists, engineers, technicians, managers, and so much more. If companies utilize the power of 5G technology with the support of datafication, they can support their following professionals so that they can advance their business operations.

  • Big data engineers
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Data scientists
  • IT architect
  • Robotics engineers

To summarize, datafication pertains to the idea that daily interactions of living things can be reduced into a data format and put to social use.

  1. Edge Computing

Edge computing is about the movement of workloads and models far from the cloud and nearer to where the action is. Edge is about dealing with distributed AI models that develop data and extract insights by running predictive analytics close to the source of data. The rising number of data explosions and the evolution of end devices require a new powerful network infrastructure. If we connect 5G technology with edge computing, we can get solutions that can support massive data volumes. 5G and edge computing can go hand-in-hand to empower a new generation of smart devices and applications. With its increased performance, 5G technology can enhance edge computing applications by decreasing latency, improving application response times, and enhancing the ability of companies to gather and process data.

  1. Robotics

5G technology will considerably advance a large number of services and speeds up the digital transformation of any type of company. 5G can transform the robotics industry if robotics is combined with other technologies. In current times, latency is one of the key challenges that robot developers encounter. 5G can eliminate it with enormous and low-latency connectivity. Until now, one way to spread the massive quantities of data required to operate robots without lag has been to keep them secured with a wired connection and thanks to 5G networking, which could be changed. 

  1. IoT

5G has changed the game and is able to provide faster, more stable, and more protected connectivity that gave progress to everything from self-driving vehicles to smart grids for renewable energy to AI-enabled robots. The technology of IoT is rising as several connected devices may touch the number of 3.2 billion by 2023. Even though IoT technology is getting aligned with a number of technologies, the 5G network is the most important technology that makes IoT more advanced. Primarily, this is due to the fact that 5G networks may go a long way toward enhancing the performance and consistency of these connected devices.

  1. Blockchain Technology

According to industry experts, the inherent higher speed of 5G technology will facilitate the integration of blockchain-related technologies. Professionals from various industry sectors foresee that Blockchain technology will be one of the major technological advancements of the next decade. With the support of 5G technology, blockchain will ensure data reliability, and security, thus enabling smarter and faster value functions. 5G can play a pivotal role in giving seamless experience in blockchain-related communication, dealing with detailed 3D avatars of products, and in modeling the future of business and society.

  1. Metaverse

Metaverse is an immersive virtual world in which everyone can work, play, live, transact, and socialize, enabled by the practice of mixed reality (virtual reality and augmented reality). It is the next evolution of the digital world, facilitated by multiple technologies including blockchain, artificial intelligence, smart objects, and edge computing. 5G is the best option to enhance all the functions in the Metaverse because every function in the Metaverse requires a powerful, high-speed Internet and a high amount and restricted latency networks that are more demanding than the traditional services for mobile broadband.

  1. E-Commerce

E-commerce platforms have entirely transformed the way how people buy and sell products. If 5G technologies are added to enhance the efficiency and performance of this sector, it will be a big game changer. 5G networks can support companies to advance the shopping experience of their customers in finding the right product for their needs. The demand for 5G infrastructure will rise significantly since every customer service will depend on digital platforms in the future. 5G made the internet more manageable, and even a smoother ride for those on their smartphones which translated to more potential buyers browsing online, with faster websites and apps to cater to them in record times.  

  1. Automotive Sector

The global automotive sector is growing noticeably because people need to purchase different types of vehicles for their commercial as well as personal usage. It is on the edge of major technology-driven evolutions that will disrupt the sector in a number of ways. Consumers nowadays are gradually having expectations go beyond vehicle quality and steadfastness.  After the advent of innovative technologies in autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, people have become more interested to purchase vehicles. With the help of 5G connectivity, vehicles can communicate with their components to help drivers better navigate. 5G technologies will be essential for the efficient functioning of all the systems in a vehicle.


5G transformation will not occur in a single step, but it is a gradual architectural evolution. It can be a game-changer for the global economy. By delivering a wide range of benefits to consumers and companies, 5G wireless mobile services create a fully mobile and connected environment. With higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, massive network capacity, more reliability, and increased availability, 5G technology delivers a greater user experience. Hence, every industry should adopt this technology if they want to align with the latest trend and advance their business functions for increasing production and revenues.


Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2023

The social media landscape keeps changing because of new trends blooming all over the world. On average, humans allot 2 hours and 27 minutes on their social media daily and that is the reason why social media marketing gets more attention these days.  If you want to know what’s hot and how to fit social media trends into your digital marketing campaign, you must know how social media trends continue to change and companies must adapt to innovatively share their communications with users. Social media works for brands in terms of improving brand reach, heightening conversion rates, creating customer loyalty, brand impression, etc. In this article, let’s know the top 10 social media trends for 2023 and how these trends will affect your business.

  1. Social commerce

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, social commerce was not a popular trend among top social media trends. Nonetheless, increased social media consumption because of the lifestyles of stay-at-home mandates created the perfect conditions for a social shopping explosion. According to eMarketer, social commerce will become an $80 billion industry by 2025. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to improve your online presence, you can utilize this social media trend for online consumers because shoppers use social commerce to look for updated brands, study products before purchasing, communicate with customer support, and buy items.

  1. Video content

Through the years, we have witnessed video marketing trends develop from 30-second ads and viral videos to live videos or ‘vlogs’ With the use of advance technology, people were able to produce more appealing video formats like 360-degree experiences, shoppable videos, and ephemeral videos. With a majority of digital marketing experts asking to focus companies on video marketing, videos on social media will gain much more popularity in 2023. Brands are now posting various videos frequently to connect with their customers visually.

Video content is the most engaging form of content in the digital world, and it will stay in the long run. Hopefully, more social media brands will come soon with additional services that support video content creation in the coming days. 

  1. Twitter as a trustworthy news portal

Some media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are primarily used as entertainment platforms, Twitter always reserved the spot for serious talks as a trustworthy news portal. It has become the go-to-resources for getting information on real-time events. Journalists and marketers are two of the main users of Twitter to check and update people or ‘followers’ on trending topics. Twitter has always prioritized news stories that come from around the world. In the coming years, Twitter is expected to allow only authentic news from reliable news sources. Use this social media to post and read authentic business news if you want to follow this trustworthy trend.

  1. User-generated content

User-generated content is a sort of content created by genuine brand users on social media. It is said that 92% of users rely on recommendations shared by brand consumers than advertisements. It can be in the form of a Snapchat story, Instagram Reel, Facebook review, or Twitter testimonial tweet. Several companies have started leveraging UGC as social proof that can depict the quality of their services or products. UGC is entirely authentic because users create the content without any influence of the brand. So keep adding UGC to your social media for promoting your brands.

  1. Social media communities

The rising number of social media communities can play a major role in promoting a brand. Since companies are trying to cater to the needs of customers, social media communities are highly useful for companies for adding their customers to social groups. These forums are very valuable in getting customer feedback and suggestions, performing discussions, promoting engagement, bringing users closer, increasing brand visibility, attracting more customers, creating an engaging environment, and sharing personalized content in favour of customers. Create a social media community or join popular communities for better promotion.

  1. Augmented and virtual reality

Each social media platform utilizes various tools when it comes to marketing and promotion. One of the latest tools that can appeal to your target clients is VR and AR reality.  Virtual Reality gives users the possibility to immerse themselves in the manufactured environment that portray actual places or imaginary world. Augmented Reality, on the other hand, connects contextual information on the intermediate physical environments users before their eyes and blends digital experiences with real life. Following the trends of adopting mixing reality for promotion is a fantastic idea. VR and AR scenes can make people with more potent and engaging since they present us a fully immersive experience. For creating next-level ads, companies can use experiences derived from photographic techniques applied in augmented reality, interactive instruction of programming, and digital cinematography.

  1. Identifying target audience

Identifying the target audience online is another important trend if you want to design a digital marketing campaign. With the support of online surveys, the company should find out the group of people who prefer services or products of their brands. Target audience identification makes a company recognize the characteristics, needs, and preferences of consumers of brands, and enables a brand to plan digital marketing campaigns based on buyer personas. It can also make a company focus on a niche market with a brand identity and if you want to generate valuable results on social media, you will be needing to target suitable customers and you need to target them with a message that they care about.

  1. Influencer marketing

In recent years, influencer marketing has experienced tremendous growth. It is when companies started working with influencers in order to gain more brand awareness and conversions among a specific target audience. For brands looking to enhance their consumer trust, brand recognition, and numerous other benefits, a potent influencer marketing strategy can be exactly what the customer ordered. Speaking of advertising, influencer marketing is one of the greatest social media marketing trends in 2023 is influencer marketing. If you want to use any potential influencer, this is the best time to do it.

  1. Rise of social justice and brand involvement

Every company should know how to tell a brand story based on social responsibility. With the right message connected to social justice, a company should create an engaging brand story. Storytelling can play a major role in influencing brand awareness and bringing in new customers. If the key concept of the brand is social justice, it will become a society-based branding.

  1. Connecting social media with email marketing

If you’re considering increasing the number of your social media follower, your mailing list is the best place to start. Email marketing, one of the best approaches in digital marketing, helps marketers send information to clients for various purposes. It is the practice of highlighting various aspects of the products and services of the brand by sending multiple messages. Social media ads should also have the email addresses of brands so that users can contact brands through emails.  


Several social media trends may rule the digital world in 2023. The above trends will have a massive impact on users and brands. If you follow these new trends, you may leverage your brand image on social media.  However, popular trends may change over time.  This is why you should keep your eye open to watch out for the best trends you can take advantage of. Initially, focus on a couple of trends you can fit into your digital marketing campaign and monitor what works for you to attract your audiences.

Business Restructuring and Restart: A Need for Change in the Business Structure

If companies need to modify and reshape their operations, a business restructuring and restart is an essential process. With the intention of reviving a business, increasing a company’s market value, reducing debt, increasing the efficiency of business functions, improving the business going forward, and gaining a competitive advantage, companies are interested to restructure their businesses. In this article, let’s look at the benefits and types of business restructuring in detail.

Benefits of Business Restructuring
Because of a number of benefits, companies in all forms are interested to restructure and restart their businesses. In this competitive business world, after the rising number of new technologies blooming here and there, it is essential for every company to often restructure their businesses. This pertains to re-organizing the control structure of businesses in order to become more profitable, make advanced processes, and be able to adapt to the fluctuating needs of your business. A smart restructuring will bring the following benefits and advantages to the company. Let’s see a few of them here below.

  • Debt reduction to accelerate the growth
  • Cost reduction to generate more revenues
  • Reduced risks to handling any crisis
  • Increase efficiency for every business function
  • Prevent and resolve shareholder disputes
  • Improved tax-efficiency
  • Improve focus on key products or accounts
  • Enable incorporation of new technology
  • Better use of talent for improving business functions
  • Better succession
  • Assets relocation
  • Gain new competitive advantages
  • Better positioning for growth
  • Rejuvenate and revive business
  • Increase the company’s value to overcome competitors
  • Better prepared for sales and marketing
  • Better survival now and in the future
  • Limit financial harm

Types of Business Restructuring
There are different types of business restructuring processes. Here are some of them.

Merger is a process of combining two or more corporate entities in which the assets and liabilities of the entities are moved to one, which continues to exist, while the remaining stop existing.   In this form of business restructuring to advance business from one level to another level, the companies can enter into a merger agreement, in which companies decide the terms and conditions of the merging process. Generally, companies that want to expand their business operations globally are interested in adopting this type of strategy since it is highly helpful for them to go global. A merger or amalgamation of a company with a foreign company is a revolutionary concept in business since a company wants to explore another country with new business functions. There are different forms of mergers such as:

  1. Horizontal Merger– It is a merger process in which a merger happens between two companies generating the same levels of production. This type of merger can help a company to increase its competitive advantage. For example, if Company A sells products similar to Company B, the joint sales of a horizontal merger will give the new company more share of the market. 
  2. Vertical Merger– It is a merger process in which a merger happens between two companies generating different phases of the production cycle. This form of merger delivers a strategic tool for companies to develop their businesses and obtain more control over the steps supporting the supply chain.  
  3. Conglomerate Merger– Conglomerate merger is a merging process in which merging happens between companies in different types of businesses with unrelated business activities. Common advantages of this type of merger are diversification, cross-selling products, and investment opportunity.
  4. Cash Merger–  A cash merger is a process in which one of the companies purchases the other company for merging. One of the main benefits of this type of merger is that the new owner can quickly achieve all the assets of the acquired business, without the requirement of converting new stocks or using other ways to prepare those assets for any preferred use. 

Private Acquisitions
It is a process in which a company acquires another company leading to consolidation or merger with the parent company. Private acquisitions generally happen because of increased benefits such as synergies, economies of scale, and economies of scope. There are two types of private acquisitions such as:

This is referred to as a share sale. In this process, the buyer acquires the entire or portion of the share capital of the target organization. When a company is acquired as a result of a share sale, every asset and liability is transferred to the buyer.

This is referred to as an asset sale. In this process, the buyer has the benefit of acquiring a particular asset instead of its stock. One of the best advantages of an asset sale is the buyer can get rid of the liabilities with the seller and only purchase the specific assets of the company.

It is one of the forms of business restructuring in which a company divides into two separate groups either to function independently or to be sold. De-merger permits large companies such as conglomerates to split their numerous business units to encourage or hinder an acquisition, and to increase capital by selling off components that are not part anymore of the product line.   After this process, companies are divided into different entities and enjoy the business functions separately. A company demerges for decreasing the financial burden, creating new business functions, and other reasons. In many cases, companies take a demerger strategy to create stock market value. Investors will have more visibility to make better investing decisions over the business functions.

Strategic Partnership
Strategic partnership is one of the most fundamental approaches to restructuring any business. Here, partners remain independent, share their benefits, take risks, have joint actions and continue to contribute in strategic areas.  As it is vital to the growth of any business, companies make use of the principle of a strategic partnership to improve business functions, generate more revenues, increase market capitalization, and expand business operations. The power of partnerships in business reveals itself in several forms, ranging from cooperation to investing in a project to sharing business intelligence and goals between companies.

With the right partnerships, companies can improve their business concept and increase their market capitalization. Strategic alliances can provide common benefits such as cost reduction, technology sharing, product development, market access, etc. And also, partnerships between businesses foster collaboration and longevity in firms and provide better solutions to society since companies can blend some of the best services to introduce innovative products and services.

Are you looking for the ideal organizational restructuring, management structuring, and financial restructuring for your company? The entire business restructuring is a good option since it can improve profitability, cash flow, business strategy, and rebranding. And also, it will improve communication and decision-making to improve sales and marketing.

If you are considering restructuring your business, having the right strategic business restructuring is a great way to start. As a comprehensive business solution provider, Dhunicorn will be the right partner in your business reshaping process. Find out more @ about how we can help you to implement strategic restructuring to achieve your targeted business objectives.